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The Next Logical Step in Precision Oncology

Rule-based artificial intelligence is the next logical step in precision oncology to translate the results of molecular profiling, functional annotations and knowledge bases into clinical decisions.

We are continuously looking for partners to reach and cure more patients.

Oncology Centers

We are continuously looking for innovative oncology centers who would like to provide the best treatment to their patients. We are here to support your work by providing reliable, reproducible, evidence based molecular analysis reports.

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Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories

Join the growing number of laboratories who provide easy to use and valuable reports to their client oncology centers.

We offer molecular reports with compound ranking for all kinds of molecular tests. If you would like to provide molecular reports with relevance ordered compound ranking, please get in touch with us.

Moreover, we are currently working on a solution to provide molecular test recommendations based on the patients’ tumorset (histology and tumor type) taking into consideration time and budget constraints. If you would like to be included in our Frequency Based Test Calculator, please contact us!

Insurance companies

Both national and private insurance organisations are looking into rationalising their spending on precision oncology. Our solutions allow you to choose the most valuable treatment and the most efficient molecular tests in treating your clients.

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