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The Next Logical Step in Precision Oncology

Rule-based artificial intelligence is the next logical step in precision oncology to translate the results of molecular profiling, functional annotations and knowledge bases into clinical decisions.

Overcoming the next obstacle in precision oncology

While previously only 10-20 new drugs were approved in oncology in a decade. In the past 5 years 63, last year alone 14 novel targeted and immune therapies have been registered by the FDA and there are thousands in clinical trials. Having simple molecular reports is not enough to choose the best treatment for patients. Doctors are asking for real decision support systems, and we can help them together.


Aggregated Evidence Level (AEL) (patent pending) is a Realtime Oncology algorithm to classify and aggregate evidence in oncology research. AEL represents the number, scientific impact and clinical relevance of evidence relations in the system, connecting tumor types, molecular alterations, targets  and compounds. Individual evidence relation scores are normalized and weighted according to the degree of similarity of the parameters to the parameters of the given patient case. Compound AELs are obtained by aggregating all relevant associations (and AELs) between the specific compound, tumor type, drivers and targets.


At Realtime Oncology we belive in teamwork. We work together with oncologists, clinics, laboratories and insurance companies to provide added value to their daily work. We work hard to always stay at the forefront of precision oncology, and provide approaches and solutions available that complement well-known practices.

As far as we know, the Realtime Oncology Molecular Treatment Calculator is the only algorithmic approach to provide objective, evidence-based ranking of precision oncology compounds based on a patient’s molecular profile. It simplifies and improves the medical oncologist’s decision, thus saving time and treatment costs.

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About Us at a glance

2003 – Our founder physicians were among the first to treat an EGFR mutant lung cancer patient prospectively based on the molecular evidence, which was first published in Journal of Clinical Oncology in 2005.

2008 – We were among the first to use next generation sequencing (NGS) in precision oncology in the world.

2008 – Our scientists published evidence for EGFR mutations as independent predictive biomarkers.

2010 – Our scientists published their invited review on precision oncology and drug discovery in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

2016 – Oncompass Medicine introduces the Realtime Oncology Treatment Calculator™ at the 10th Personalized Medicine World Conference, in Mountain View, California

2017 – We became the partner of the National Oncogenomics and Precision Oncotherapy Program in Hungary

2018 – We are opening up our Realtime Oncology Treatment Calculator™ to every interested party.