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ASCO 2020

Digital Therapy Planning

In the field of oncology, we have entered the era of digital therapy, in which artificial intelligence is already directly involved in the design of oncology therapies.

At this year’s virtual ASCO, Realtime Oncology (RTO) will present in the Poster Session the results of a research conducted in collaboration with researchers of the Marie Curie Institute in Paris that demonstrates that our artificial intelligence-based oncology software selects optimal oncology therapy more effectively, making physicians’ work easier.


The RTO was the first to develop a medical device based on artificial intelligence that has been proven to help making therapeutic decision needed to personalize the therapy of cancer patients.

Using the RTO, we load into our software the individual genetic differences detected by molecular analysis of the tumor tissue, and the software selects the most effective personalized drugs for the given gene defects and – by taking into account about 26,000 precision oncology rules – ranks them according to their expected effectiveness. The software can also detect drugs that have shown to have a negative effect on a given gene defect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How digital therapy planning is different from the known molecular-based decision support systems?

    Using the results of molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics, the Calculator uses real-time Aggregated Evidence Level (AEL) algorithm to rank the evidences in real time during digital therapy planning, thus supporting the oncologist's decision.

  • How digital therapy planning is different from other known AI-based oncology decision support systems?

    The RTO not only collects evidence based on molecular profiles, but also ranks them based on the AEL algorithm, providing unique assistance in digital therapy planning. The RTO - if the molecular information allows - analyzes the entire molecular profile, not just individual molecular targets.

  • What tests are required to use the RTO?

    The RTO does not perform molecular diagnostic tests, but uses the results of previous diagnostic tests in the digital therapy planning (i.e.: molecular pathology findings, VCF file, report, etc.). The Calculator also provides support for what molecular tests are recommended based on the available medical history and pathological results, and our partner network can assist in their implementation if required.

  • How can I use the RTO?

    The RTO is the result of the continuous development work of a multidisciplinary development team, and its full use requires special training.

    If you would like to apply to your oncology cases, please, contact us!

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  • Would you like to try it?

    If you have an oncology case or you already have a completed molecular diagnostic report, give it a try and contact us!

    With the help of your own case, we will introduce you to the process of digital therapy planning.

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