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Digital therapy planning for precision oncology

With more than 26.000+ rules from 16.000+ evidence, our decisions are built on curated scientific reports. Moreover, we provide a world-class tumor board in case you need genetic/medical advice besides the scientific evidence.

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We provide easy to understand and relevant precision oncology recommendations for every patient's case.

  • Digital therapy planning for precision oncology

    Our algorithm can help you from routine molecular profiles to the rarest cancer cases. We provide you valid recommendations even if your patient's molecular profile includes several driver genes.

  • Evidence-based rule engine

    With more than 27.000+ rules and 1.700+ compounds, our decisions are built on curated scientific evidence. We are the first to provide prioritised compound recommendations in precision molecular oncology.

  • Unique recommendation algorithm

    Aggregated Evidence Level (AEL) is the output of the Realtime Oncology algorithm and represents a scoring system to aggregate and rank molecular evidence in precision oncology. The Molecular Treatment Calculator uses Aggregated Evidence Level to rank molecular alterations, targets and compounds in an objective, reproducible way.

  • Alerting on important events

    On request, we send you a message as new trials, similar cases or scientific evidence matching your patient's case emerge.

  • Can be used with one or several molecular profiles at once

    Treatment calculation can take into account the results of several, various molecular tests and matching treatment options can easily be identified by a single calculation.

  • Optional Molecular Tumor Board opinion provided by our partners

    In our Tumor Board package we provide a world-class tumor board with oncologist, genetic counselor, molecular biologist, info-bionics engineer. This service is provided by our partners.

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